Yoga Mantra Meditation Cards
Yoga Mantra Meditation Cards
Yoga Mantra Meditation Cards
Yoga Mantra Meditation Cards

Yoga Mantra Meditation Cards

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“Mantra Yoga Meditation Cards” is a collection of 52 soul-filled cards influenced by positive mantras, affirmations and yoga postures that prepare us to open individually to higher vibrations. Each card inspires your inner craft of listening, respecting, trusting and healing via a selection of grounding and guided thoughts. The evocative beauty in these cards invites you to pause and experience elegance before you speak or act.

Asking for guidance brightens your words, thoughts and feelings to a polished resonance. In your life, there needs to be vibrational compatibility between your body, mind and heart.

May these cards bring clarity to your vision and quiet to your being.

Inspiring & Uplifting

These beautiful cards are charged with simple, direct positive affirmations. Each featuring unique, motivating, beautiful photos of yoga in exotic surroundings. Perfect for all yogis and anyone who likes to bring a little bit of magic into their experiences. Use these “Mantra Yoga Healing Cards” to release your individual inner & outer beauty. Start to create your own enchanting path today.

Daily Mantra

Body mind connect Mantra Yoga Meditation Cards I have really enjoyed creating my own daily ritual with the cards. Each morning, with my hot tea in hand, I shuffle the deck and pull out one card to bring my awareness to. Whatever the card is, I ask myself what that card means to me on this particular day and allow it to resonate with me through my actions, words, and even with fun projects!

Today my card was “LIGHT: Bring light and love to each interaction.” This card immediately sparked some collaboration ideas with yoga workshops that I have been planning with a friend. An exciting, yet scary step and the card just affirmed that I was ready.


Each card holds affirmations to inspire the receiver of the cards to search within and understand their own interpretations of the cards they receive. All the yoga mantra healing cards combine an asana with intention and mantra, such as the “FEELINGS” card, which combines dancer pose asana and the intention to “Each feeling is a beacon that attracts a reality.”

Yoga Practice

Yoga Healing cards are great tools to use for guidance and positive manifestation. There are many uses and no wrong way to use them. They are used to remind us to cultivate the power of our thoughts and intention. They are great for meditation and yoga, and anytime you wish to invite clarity to your thoughts and re-align your mind, body, and heart.

I am a yoga teacher, so I decided to share these cards with two different classes. For my first class, I used the cards at the beginning of class, inviting my students to repeat their affirmation throughout their practice as part of their intention. My second class received their affirmation cards after a long and deep savasana, and I asked them to re-affirm it’s meaning throughout their day. Both of my classes have given me great feedback and I even had someone come up to me after class telling me that the affirmation was exactly what they needed! As a teacher, I love finding every opportunity to help my students go deeper and create their own interpretation for each card.