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Skin to Skin, Mum and Bub Box. To soothe and calm.

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The perfect baby shower gift during pregnancy for both mum and bub. The greatest expression of love is a mothers loving touch. While babies cherish and thrive with the touch of a mother and loved ones, mothers also require care and support before, during and after the birth of a child. VATÉA‘s multi use, Skin to Skin, Mum and Bubnatural and organic skin care bundle will be treasured by mum and bub for the many caring and sustainable benefits to the skin and emotions of mother and baby.

Lovingly packed inside, you’ll find:

  • LOVING BABY MASSAGE OIL: An organic skin care product crafted to encourage bonding between mother and baby via massage. Infused with key oils of chamomile and lavender, this oil will calm babies emotions and the gentle formulation supports babies skin while it transitions to the post womb environment. 
  • GENTLE BABY BALM: Our award-winning Gentle Baby Balm is renowned for its healing qualities and many uses. This perfect gift for mum and bub can be used as a bottom balm, nipple balm and healing balm. This non-stinging, edible formulation is unique in its combination of healing plant oils, extracts and butters with a gentle scent of honey and chamomile.
  • PURE BODY OIL: a nourishing natural oil crafted to ensure supple skin and a calm mind. This multi-use product has many uses, including as a pregnancy tummy oil to help prevent stretch marks, as a calming night-time oil and as a daily body and or face oil.
  • SOOTHING OIL WASH: A natural body and face wash for very dry, irritated skin. This soothing cleanser is an extremely gentle oil wash to wash babies bottom during nappy change time. Plus, our Soothing Oil Wash can also be used by mum to soften and support any dry skin.