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VATÉA Baby Massage Oil
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Loving Baby Massage Oil, Australian Certified Organic

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VATÉA’s multi-use, Certified Safe Cosmetics Australia,  Baby Massage Oil is free of nasties and infused with vitamin rich healing organic seed and plant oils. 

Our formula is rich in plant extracts of chamomile, coconut, moringa and apricot seed oil to nurture baby's skin during massage and replaces any moisture lost during bath time.

This beautiful baby massage oil has added gentle essential oils of lavender and chamomile to help soothe baby into a peaceful sleep.

To help cut down on wastage and clutter in your family home, here are some ideas on the different ways our Loving Baby Massage Oil can be used:

  • NURTURES SKIN AFTER BIRTH: Babies skin can suffer dryness while adjusting to the change in environment from mum’s to the world outside. If dry, scaly skin does appear in the first few weeks of life, Loving Baby Massage Oil will support the skin through a moisturising massage as it adjusts to the outside environment.
  • ENHANCES BONDING BETWEEN MOTHER AND BABY: One of the greatest gifts you can give to your baby is the gift of your loving touch. Skin to skin contact with baby fosters bonding by ensuring extra quiet time between parent and baby through touch. Massage can also offer extra emotional support to a sick baby or child (such as with a gentle tummy massage to support digestive issues or constipation).
  • SUPPORTS DRY SKIN CONDITIONS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Our baby massage oil is perfect for all ages and skin types. Use as extra support for children or babies irritating dry skin conditions that can be painful and red.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR A LOVING MASSAGE: Following baby's evening bath, place a towel on your bed and gently lay your baby down ready for a loving massage. Warm a few drops of our Loving Baby Massage Oil onto your hands. Begin with your baby's feet and gently massage all over baby's body, finishing with a gentle shoulder massage and a cuddle.