Meet The Co-Founders of Vault Lifestyle

We had a dream and we took the chance; we hope that our story inspires you.

Soul-sisters Sophie and Kate saw a chance to transform everyday living in Australian and embraced it.

Their ambition was to harness their own stories, motherhood, entrepreneurship and the experiences of real women and men everywhere to create a brand that would seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle . Through the fusion of their own story, a lifestyle brand was born. Vault Lifestyle supports local designers, elevates creativity and functionality, embraces organic and stays sustainably on trend.

Sophie and Kate have an eye for style that is advantageous to their consumers. Their parent company, Vault Active has embraced the versatility of everyday women, men, and Children. Through their success the inception of Vault Lifestyle was designed, with a desire to evaluate local business and bring consumers the best of Lifestyle products Australia has to offer. 

Meet Sophie Van Den Akker


Growing up with a single mother working 5 jobs, Sophie is no stranger to witnessing fierce women work hard. This same resilience is instilled in Sophie and has made her truly unstoppable. 

Gracing the covers of international magazines, walking runways for coveted brands, co-founding Vault Lifestyle and Vault Active, she is a single mother breaking boundaries and exceeding in life.

“Fall down 9 times, get up 10”

- Sophie

Meet Kate Benden


From a young age, Kate struggled with food allergies and her body’s response to artificial additives and preservatives. This fuelled a fire to live an active and honest lifestyle, circling back to whole-foods, clean products and self-care.

Taking back her power and inspiring others to do the same, Kate is a personal trainer, clean eating guru, the co-founder of Vault Lifestyle and Vault Active, and mother to 2 beautiful children.

“Juggling life, work, being a mum, self care & everything in between can be a tough role... You have to celebrate the wins along the way. Be your own hero.”

- Kate

As kindred-spirits, Kate & Sophie have built a friendship that centralises around perseverance, truth, ambition, drive and inspiring each other through action and leadership.

As busy working mums they are constantly striving for new ways to find challenge, pride and balance in their lives, and know confidence and community is what kicks goals.